Hi, I’m Wren!

I am a freckly strawberry-blonde Australian living and working in Japan with my husband and our plus one. 

I admit it, I am a serial crafter… Scrapbooking has been a lasting hobby – a few paper projects may appear. If I had to pick something to claim as a speciality – I would say crochet or more specifically amigurumi – you’ll find a lot of original amigurumi popping up on my site as it grows. My newest hobby is sewing, I’m working to create a wardrobe I love – I’ll be sharing my makes and reviewing the free patterns I use.

If you’re interested in Japan, the Japanese language, or having a baby in a foreign country, I blog about making a life in Japan on Golden Diamond { life }. I am lucky enough to love my career and the journey it is taking me on which is why I blog about Japan. But I am so passionate about craft and there is too much pleasure in sharing it to simply feature it occasionally on my { life } blog which is why I started Golden Diamond { creative }. Here I can share my projects and connect with other inspiring crafters. That’s you!

Leave a comment and introduce yourself, your blog if you have one (like I said, inspire me!) and of course your favourite crafts!

It’s my pleasure to meet you,

{ Wren }

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

    1. Yessssss! You will find so much in Japan – I’m so excited for you! If you like material, other than finding it at some markets, if you leave the main tourist destinations most normal towns have secondhand stores where you can buy old kimonos for super cheap. Kimonos are designed to be unpicked, leaving you with a large piece of gorgeous material. I hope you have the best time. If you have any questions, just ask. And be sure to book extra luggage home and take an extra suitcase or buy a duffel while you’re here haha.


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