Quick And Easy Baby Romper

It’s been a crafty new year in my household. I’m making the most of holidaying family members eager to entertain baby while I create.

New Year’s Day was spent sewing an adorable baby romper that I’m super proud of. Fast, easy, wearable, I’m in love with this project. It took me about five hours from thought to modelling and I’m confident I’d whip it up in three hours (maybe two) now that I have a pattern, a process, and especially if baby wasn’t into everything.

Detailed sewing patterns overwhelm me, I’m much better at winging it and am a huge fan of the eyeballing method (which should definitely be a legit sewing term).

It’s been sticky and hot in my corner of the world all week and baby has been melting in the heat. She’s adorable crawling around in a nappy and cover but I prefer her chest covered, she’s a drool machine and slobber gets everywhere. Ew.

A favourite pattern, my idea was to extend the front panel of the MADE EVERYDAY diaper cover. I thought I’d leave the back low to keep her cool, and that it’d be so stinkin’ cute!

Here is a photo of my handmade baby romper. What do you think?

Is that not the cutest little garbage bag you’ve ever seen?

This environmentally friendly, biodegradable material can probably be found in your kitchen drawer alongside tracing paper (baking paper?) that I usually use for tracing patterns. However, I wanted to try the pattern on baby ASAP and get an idea of length and movement and a garbage bag was the right size and a surprisingly flexible material!

How to sew a quick and easy baby romper:

  • Trace diaper pattern.
  • Using a fitted baby onesie as a  height and width guide, lengthen the front diaper panel. Add an extra 1.5 centimetres (or your preferred seem allowance) on the top to make a casing for the neck tie.
  • Cut doubles of your pattern to use as front and lining. Mix and match your colour and patterns!
  • Line pattern pieces and press for tidy seams.
  • Follow the regular instructions for assembling the diaper, with a couple of minor changes. I didn’t roll the seams because  they were already lovely from lining the pieces. Also, the waistband is now only on the back panel, so be sure to insert the elastic before you stitch the side seams on the diaper. I found I needed only one third of the length of elastic recommended by the original pattern.
  • Fold down and sew top of front panel to create casing for neck tie. Insert neck tie. You can sew a tube of material, or try ribbons or soft ropes.

Insert baby and commence romping. My little one was romping hardcore and I struggled to catch her in photos.

ONE LITTLE MINUTE has a tutorial on how to alter this same nappy pattern. I didn’t follow it, but her styles are gorgeous so definitely head there for inspiration.

I hope you try this project for a same day start-finish challenge. If you’re not crafty, like and share on Facebook and maybe a crafty friend will whip one up for you. Post any questions you have in the comments below, and as always I love your feedback.

Get stitching!

Wren x


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