Hedgehog Amigurumi Rattle – Free Pattern

I know, everything is about babies on here at the moment. Sorry not sorry. It’s like once you have a baby, you suddenly know and are involved with lots of other people with babies. Then there are all kinds of occasions and reasons for gift-giving, and really babies are so stinking cute and their mammas work so hard that they deserve aaaaalllllllllll the gifts!

Today’s post is a little amigurumi hedgehog turned baby rattle. I whipped it up in a morning along with a DIAPER COVER as a gift for a lovely friend. When sweet little baby Nagisa received her hedgehog she knew it was ‘hers’ and got straight to biting its knobby nose.

A soft, small, light toy for tiny hands the hedgehog is perfect for carrying about or tossing, it rolls a little. Perhaps what’s best is the texture. All the bumpy, bubbles of his coat are a treat for tiny, busy fingers to pick and pull and prod at. For safety, I sewed eyes onto the hedgehog. There is nothing that could be chewed, sucked, or pinched off the little guy and choked on.

The free hedgehog pattern by Sarah Lyons can be found on her website CROCHET STITCH WITCH. Beginners can tackle this project, there is a video tutorial to go with the pattern if you get stuck along the way. She’s funny! You should follow her Facebook page, @FuglyCrochet.

Have fun!

{ Wren }


3 thoughts on “Hedgehog Amigurumi Rattle – Free Pattern

  1. Omg, that hedgehog is darling. Taiga was so teeny!

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, how do you pronounce Taiga? I’ve been saying TIE-gah in my head, the Japanese pronunciation (because I used to have a student by that name) but it occurred to me that might not be the case!

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    1. She’s so big now. 😭 It’s exactly the Japanese pronunciation. A little strong, but with Rose and Diamond as her other names I think she’ll survive. We call her Tora-chan as her nickname (because tora is tiger in Japanese). Little things to tie her life to the place she was born, regardless of wherever she eventually ends up.

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