The Perfect Diaper + Nappy Cover

It’s actually perfect!

Awwww, let me just take a moment to stare at how adorable and tiny my babe once was. They grow so fast in only a few short months! I can’t believe I’ve had this post stashed away in drafts for a few months… Probably because the photos were less than my best work (can’t help the overcast weather and lighting), we’re our own worst critics.


Taiga Rose is going to live in nappy covers for at least the first year of her life (and, she did). Paired with a singlet or onesie in summer and slipped over tights in winter, there isn’t a season these can’t be worn in.


This is a great project for using up fabric scraps. Do use a nice fabric though, I think it makes all the difference. Definitely explore your options – I made this nappy cover from a hand towel. Consider upcycling vintage pillow cases for a sweet style, or printed t-shirts to give new life to your favourite classics.

Dana from MADE EVERYDAY offers this as a free pattern. Her clear tutorial and simple pattern make this a perfect project for beginners. Give it a go!

If you’ve got a baby shower coming up, don’t buy the tiny bitty jeans, make a set of three nappy covers and trust me, the new mum will thank you. Nappy covers are an adorable way to dress up a simple onesie without adding any more difficult clips, buttons, ties and all the other trappings that become the bane of your existence when you are trying to change the nappy of a screaming squirming newborn.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make them in all sizes, colours, and patterns! Share this post and pattern while you’re at it and inspire all mammas to get sewing.

Happy sewing,

{Wren }


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