5 Free Baby Kimono Patterns

Handmade baby clothes are precious.


Take a minute to think about the love and care that goes into each detail of a garment. Pattern, fabric, time, effort – every little element is thoughtfully chosen by the designer.

Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant or perhaps because I’m sewing more, but recently I’ve fallen in love with handmade baby goodies. Oh I have no particular reason for this, there are definitely gorgeous and very affordable things in stores, but I feel like the care is missing from store-bought items. Little things like puckered seams, loose threads, buttons that fall off easily, have started to bother me…

My husband and I are Australian, but we’re having our first baby in Japan. Kimono style clothing is most popular for babies over here, especially newborns. Simple, convenient, comfortable – what’s not to love? Uuuuh… The overwhelming Disney and animal characters that cover them!

I’m only a beginner seamstress, but a few weeks ago I thought I’d have a go designing and sewing exactly what I want my baby to wear.


Over on my Instagram {follow me!} @goldendiamondcreative I’ve been sharing my kimono onesie makes all week – I’m so proud of myself!!!

She’s not born yet, but I can’t wait to see my baby girl dressed in clothes I made by hand.
I’ll continue to improve on my original pattern and method. Hopefully someone can teach me how to digitalise it to share online with others? If you have any tips or site recommendations on how to do this please tell me in the comments!

Until my design is ready, you can all enjoy these gorgeous free baby kimono patterns collected from around the web.


  1. Sew In Love: Soft and Cosy Baby Kimono
  2. Purl Soho: Newborn Kimono Shirt
  3. Riley Blake Designs: Kimono T-Shirt For Baby
  4. Make Sew Baby: Baby Kimono Onesie
  5. Sew Mama Sew: Baby Kimono Wrap

Happy sewing!
{ Wren }


4 thoughts on “5 Free Baby Kimono Patterns

    1. Oh perfect! You’ll be inundated with babies soon enough. How do you feel about the right over left versions? They give me the heebie-jeebies… I’ve been in Japan too long, I could never wrap baby that way. Maybe tell your mum to reverse the patterns that are right over left – it’s not funereal wear. 😱

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I couldn’t do right over left! I even wrap my robe left over right anymore (and hear the kimono video every time: “Leftover rice!”) Those look like easy enough patterns… though I just realized you made up your own! I love the little elastic puffs on yours, it reminds me of those yukata they make for elementary school girls where it’s kimono top and ultra poofy skirt bottom. Are you going to post the pattern?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ll definitely post my pattern! As soon as I work out how… You know Japan, technology backwards. I have no access to a scanner or anything, and even then I’m not sure how I’d go getting it to scale etc. It’s a bit beyond me for the minute.

        Omgosh I’ve never heard ‘leftover rice’!!! I won’t forget it now haha that is such a good saying, I’ll be passing it on to all my students.

        Liked by 1 person

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