Crochet A Gift Set Your Friends Actually Want To Receive!

Autumn is upon us and Winter is fast approaching, the weather grows cooler, and the time for gift-giving has arrived. To all my crafty buddies, who else loves to make homemade gifts but worries about that fine line between handmade with love and junky? Through trial and error, I’ve discovered that the two most important elements of a lovely handmade gift are the choice of trendy materials and neat handiwork. Just look at all the handmade blogs online and you can see that anything can be made beautifully if the colours and texture of the project coordinate. Then when gift giving, it is the little details and finishing that really make your work shine.

Crochet Gift SetIf you’re looking for a crochet gift that looks amazing, is practical for the recipient, and that you can whip up in a weekend, then I recommend making these three projects and combining them in a gift set. These are all free patterns, don’t forget to let the original designers know that you love their work!

Double Crochet Infinity Scarf

Fingerless Gloves


Every time I wear this set I receive so many compliments. They have also held up well against constant wear and several washes. I’m sure whoever you make these items for will love them too! Best make a set for yourself… You might love them too much to give away.

Happy Crocheting!

{ Wren }


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