Sewing A Sun Dress

I need a glass of wine. That’s what I kept thinking as I prepared to photograph this sewing project. Sewing my new sun dress could not have been simpler. Taking photos on the other hand… The heck am I supposed to do in front of the camera? I worried so much that I wouldn’t be able to do my sewing project and the pattern justice, that my photos would let me down when I shared it with you guys. How did I do? Give me alllllllllllllll the constructive criticism!

Jennifer DressJennifer DressFrom first trace to final iron, you could make this dress in an hour. Really. Don’t know what to wear out tonight? Whip it up, pop on some chunky jewelry, grab a clutch, slide into your favourite statement shoes and you’re out the door. Or, you know, wear it like I plan to and save it for a lazy Sunday morning stroll at the markets or cafe brunch by the beach. I’m so hip.

Jennifer DressJennifer DressJennifer DressMarina Brumpton, designer of the Jennifer Sun Dress, is currently sharing a wonderful selection of patterns on her website Frocks & Frolics. These patterns are some of her older designs, and she is offering them as free downloads while she focuses on her new kids range of patterns. Eventually, she plans to re-vamp them and put them back on sale in her store, so hurry up and download them before she does! Don’t forget to say thank you and send her a photo if you make something using her design – I know I love to see photos when people use my patterns.

Jennifer DressDon’t let the pattern promo photos scare you off, your sun dress will only be as leery as the material you choose! Remember years ago when everyone was wearing these tight little dresses to every party? It was THE dress. I was 18. Ahh the things I’d rather forget. I do however, still love this style of dress. I think the simplicity is flattering, and the cut of this particular pattern is wonderful! High neck, short skirt, perfect.

Jennifer DressWhat I love about Marina’s work, other than the fact that she offers full YouTube video tutorials of the sewing process, is that she is a huge advocate for making the design your own. She gives a variety of suggestions on how to alter the pattern to create different looks, and I took complete advantage of this.

Jennifer DressI didn’t so much alter the pattern, I just skipped all the assembly steps… Lazy? No really, I wanted to make the simplest sun dress I could. So I did! I chose a stretch fabric which allowed me to forgo the neck closure and it is thick enough that I didn’t need to line it. I decided against the waist band as I wanted a loose fit rather than a structured waist, and I zigzagged the hems because I love that look. So basically I traced the pattern (size XS if you are interested – XS, S, M, and L available), cut it out, sewed the seams, and hemmed. Umm, yep, took less than an hour. There is a little bit of arm gape, but not enough to show my bra, and don’t blame the pattern, blame my simplified assembly alterations. Do you think it looks too short? I’m 176cm tall, so that is probably why. Next time I’ll make it just a tiny bit longer, but this cut is perfect for wearing with tights.

Jennifer DressI wish I was wearing this dress over my bikini, that my skin was slimy with sunscreen (not that I relish that feeling in particular), that I had a towel slung over my shoulder, and that Dad was telling me “Don’t get sunburnt!” as I headed out the door to the beach. Alas, that’s my Australian life. In Japan the weather is already cooling down, but I can say that I am going to love wearing this dress with a cardigan, my loudest tights, and boots. Autumn, I’m ready for you!

Happy sewing.

{ Wren }


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